What is Naginata?

Naginata is a form of Japanese fencing focusing on the pole-arm weapon called a naginata

Naginata is a wide spread martial art with clubs predominantly in Japan, Europe and North America. Naginata is fairly new to the international stage with new clubs being formed all around the world.

Our club focuses specifically on a form of naginata called atarashii naginata, which was created as a sport for use in the post-war Japanese education system

Practice will primarily focus on developing fundamentals such as footwork, body movement, striking with the naginata, engi (synchronised attack/defence) and full contact sparring.

Canadian Naginata Federation

The Edmonton Naginata Club is a member of the Canadian Naginata Federation http://www.cnfnaginata.com which is run in cooperation with; and adheres to the rules and regulations set by both the International Naginata Federation http://www.international-naginata.org/ and the All-Japan Naginata Federation http://www.naginata.jp/