The Concept of Naginata

"The concept of Naginata is to foster people harmonious in body and mind through training in its techniques"
-Naginata History and Practice by Alex Bennett

What many people fail to realize is that while Naginata is a full contact martial art, A large component of practice has always been to develop mental prowess as well as physical and technical skill. Not everyone that participates in Naginata is there to fight and win tournaments. Naginata can be used to build character, enhance a sense of judgment and become disciplined individuals capable of making meaningful contributions to their society.

Guiding Principles for Instruction

Through correct naginata instruction, practitioners will improve their technical skills, cultivate their minds, increase vitality and develop physical strength. They will also uphold elements of traditional Japanese culture embodied within the art of naginata, retain discipline, show courtesy and respect, value fidelity
-All Japan Naginata Federation