The Edmonton Naginata Club takes new students on a semester basis. Semesters start in January, May, and September and last 4 months. New students are permitted to join the club at any time during one of the three starting months. To do so, please fill out a registration form and bring it to your first practice. Your starting month is free, however if you do wish to continue after that you will be required to pay a one-time $75 registration fee and regular monthly fees thereafter.

During the first month of practice, you will be introduced to footwork, posture, and etiquette. You should budget to purchase a naginata (bamboo polearm) after the first month as you will need one to learn basic strikes and "engi", choreographed sequences of attack and defense patterns. With regular attendance and the approval of your instructors, you will be able to test for and purchase bogu (armor) within a year of practice.